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Enrollment Options


All prices indicated below include on-campus boarding, meals, schooling, football, travel to games, and training. 

Second Semester Only (February-June 2017)

Total Tuition Cost: $10,000 (incl. boarding & meals)

Total Tuition Cost: $6,500 (day student)​​

Full Year (August 2017-June 2018)

Payment Option #1: Full tuition paid up-front

Total Tuition Cost: $22,000 (boarding)

                                   $13,000 (day student)

Payment Option #2: Tuition paid in two payments

Total Tuition Cost:$23,500 (boarding)

                                   $13,500 (day student)

Payment Option #3: Tuition paid in monthly payments

Total Tuition Cost: $25,000 (boarding)

                                   $14,500 (day student)

(Note: Each option requires a deposit in order to confirm commitment of enrollment to Canada Prep Academy. The deposit amount is subtracted from the total tuition costs listed above).

First Semester (August 2017-January 2018) Only

Total Tuition Cost: $14,500 (boarding)

                                   $9,500 (day student)

(Note: Typically only applies to postgraduate students)

Out-of-province and international students should also consider travel costs on top of the aforementioned prices. Any international students must also obtain a proper study permit in order to attend Canada Prep Academy; there is also an extra cost associated with this.

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VISIT (2017)

Campus visits are possible and encouraged; however, we recommend waiting until after Easter to arrange a visit. If you would like to let us know in advance that you'd like to tour Canada Prep Academy, you may do so using the form below so we can get an idea of the volume of visits that we can anticipate. We will do our best to accommodate requests for campus tours.

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