1030 Niagara Street

Welland, ON  L3C 1M6

Learning for Boys

Canada Prep Academy offers learning

experiences geared towards boys'

learning styles. More than anything,

boys learn by doing. As such, we

incorporate hands-on activities,

active learning opportunities,

field trips, and topics that appeal

to boys into the traditional

classroom. This keeps our

students engaged with what

they are learning about.

One-on-one Attention

Smaller classes allow for greater

interaction between the teacher and

students. Students benefit from more

one-on-one attention in class. They

do not have to wait for the teacher to

finish with other students in order

to get help.

Small Class Sizes

While public schools can have classes

of more than 30 students, our class

sizes are kept deliberately small and

manageable. Most classes contain

between 8 to 12 students, although

there are some as small as 5 or 6


The Canada Prep


Canada Prep Academy (BSID #886412) is an all-boys private school duly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and is a member of the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS). In an academic setting focusing on university-preparation courses, our excellent teacher-to-student ratio allows students the quality education they deserve. 

Prep School



Resources for the SAT/ACT include 

information sessions, study books, 

group prep classes, and tutoring. 

Students are well-prepared for

the pacing and all aspects of

content of these demanding

standardized tests required for

entrance to an American


Canada Prep Academy is a member of The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS).


 Mr. Lou Vescio 

Principal/Head of School

​  B.A.(Hons.), BEd, MEd (Education Administration), OCT, OPC