All of our student-athletes receive a recruiting package & highlight film that is marketed to major American and Canadian universities. [More...]

Our student-athletes play one of the toughest schedules in all of high school football, and against some top U.S. high schools. [More...]

The mission of Canada Prep Academy is to help high school students, specifically football players, to achieve their individual goals and reach their academic and athletic potentials. This is accomplished in a nurturing, yet demanding atmosphere of fellowship. 

Canada Prep Academy provides a setting that closely resembles that of a university, ensuring that our students are prepared to balance the lifestyle of a student-athlete at the next level, whether that is NCAA or CIS. Furthermore, we strive to prepare our student-athletes to not only get into university, but to have the skills necessary to balance sport and academics.

Prep School

Through a rigorous curriculum, our student-athletes learn the skills needed for success in a post-secondary environment. [More...]

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Performance Training


1030 Niagara Street

Welland, ON  L3C 1M6

Our student-athletes receive instruction to prepare them for the SAT and ACT, either through prep sessions or tutoring. [More...]


Film Study

Our student-athletes study their own game footage, as well as the footage of their opponents, in order to learn and perfect plays.

Following the regimen of a major U.S. university, our student-athletes receive year-round performance, speed, and agility training.

American Football